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St. Ledger-Roty & Olson’s transactional and commercial practice supports a wide range of domestic and international transactions, from day-to-day contractual needs of technology companies to structuring and negotiating highly complex joint venture and M&A transactions. Our commercial attorneys have all spent significant time in-house at telecom, software, and internet companies including stints as General Counsel. We have a pragmatic, business oriented approach to solving problems. Our focus is to help technology companies best achieve their business goals while minimizing risk and to provide clients the necessary legal perspective to allow them to make smart decisions about their business.

St. Ledger-Roty & Olson lawyers handle all types of transactional and commercial matters, including among others:

  • Structuring and negotiating joint ventures and strategic partnerships
  • Negotiating critical supply contracts
  • Structuring commercial arrangements for worldwide service and product offerings, including agency and distribution agreements.
  • Providing strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Software, technology, and intellectual property licensing
  • Manufacturing, reseller and distribution agreements
  • Click-wrap and shrink-wrap licensing
  • Website terms of use, terms of service, subscription agreements, SaaS licensing
  • Content licensing including music, data, and text
  • Advising on intellectual property protection
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating all types of day-to-day agreement such as service agreements, purchase agreements, NDAs, development agreements, consulting and contractor agreements

Our lawyers help clients navigate business disputes with an eye on resolution prior to the initiation of litigation. We negotiate and draft settlements, including in complex litigation, as well as advise clients regarding alternate dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and arbitration. Given the increasingly regulated business environment, St. Ledger-Roty & Olson lawyers can help businesses meld various regulatory requirements into user friendly commercial tools, features, and products. In addition, we address privacy and data security needs at the contract level and ensure appropriate protections on behalf of clients under the increasingly complex web of domestic and international privacy laws and regulations.

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